Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Colorful Threads

I love to draw with thread, here are just a few. This was an class assignment inspired by two distinct designers: Valentino and Christian Lacroix.



I need to get around to photographing the others. :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So I've been sluggishly moving all my supplies upstairs. They have been banished to the corner of my room since I've promised my mom not to create jewelry or cross-stitch once I'm back in term. Now that school's started I must say goodbye to my lovely babies. *tear* And the day starts out gloomy.
As with stitching, I'm not too upset about it cause I draw using embroidery anyways, so floss will befriend me during this lonely journey.

I am ashamed of the state of my room, but it will be revealed none-the-less. I'll get to organizing this weekend.

before (still messy)

after (even more messy)
Work throughout the terms that my mom has been threatening to throw away if I don't place it somewhere more discreet. (shhh... although it's blatantly out in the open)

byebye supplies!

And Garoo, he makes sure no one takes anything from my room. Notice his big oogly eyes? He's looking out for me. ;)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lake Casitas

So I spent my last summer days going camping with my good friends. It was a memorable trip, the view was truly beautiful and I've been able to encounter with animals I've never seen around at home. :)