Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dad's helper

My first attempt at waste canvas

Today (or technically yesterday) I was daddy's helper. We were cutting down new base boards for the bathroom. It was really tiring especially cause we didn't have the right tools for the job. Seriously if we had an industrial cut-off saw the job would have been a piece of cake, but it was oldschool with just a saw, an old saw at that. The 45 degree angles were really killer!
My dad usually teams up with my brother for these jobs, but he's been so busy these days, so I was the perfect candidate. It was really exhausting, but it was a great father-daughter bonding time.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sweatpants! Check~

So I'm back at it again! This time I'm painting the bathroom. It looks really orange in the photo but it's a more subdued tone. I would say a mix between pumpkin and terra cotta.
I'm not in love with the color yet, let's just say I've had an ongoing battle between peach and orange house paints, I despise them. So why did I paint the room in this orange copper? My aunt is extremely knowledgeable and talented with picking out paint colors, keeping the layout, scale, and harmony in mind so I completely trust her judgment on this. I'm sure when the job is done and we bring in the hardware and accessories back in, the room will come to life!
It'll be my third day today and I didn't know such a small room would take so long! It literally takes eight coats to get even coverage, I'm not even exagerrating! I will admit, I do get OCD when I paint so there is no easy-medium with this kind of thing. It's either good or it's not! Yes, because of this mentality my body takes a beating.. but it's totally worth it in the end!
I'm also going to learn how to grout tile this weekend! I'm really excited about that! :D

Lee Seung Gi (이승기 3집)
I also received my precious Lee Seung Gi CD in the mail! (Doing the happy dance!)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wonderful weekend~

cross stitch rainbow
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
I had a wonderful one myself! On Friday I had a movie night with Elizabeth. We watched a Korean movie, 과속스캔들 (Speed Scandal) while eating rotisserie chicken, frozen yogurt and chomping on kettle popcorn. An interesting combination I know. My friends and I have this thing where we must eat salty/savory after something sweet and vice versa.
Speed Scandal was a really cute comedic movie especially with Wang Seok Hyun. He's such an adorable baby actor!

After the movie we were just talking. It was dark when we started and by the end of the conversation the sun was up and shining. My head was pounding/ringing from not getting any sleep, but it was so much fun! I think it was the first time we actually talked through the night.

Saturday was spent re-cooperating from the previous night of no sleep. I finally managed to get up during the early evening and decided cut my hair. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing, but I really needed a haircut! Now it's shoulder length, layered with bangs! It's definitely something different but I have mixed feelings about the haircut. I hope it'll grow on me soon.


Today I played with Elizabeth again. We made Pad-see-ew (Thai food) and it was pretty good. Since we're always cooking together, we're gonna start compiling our recipes and make a cook book and eventually a cooking blog. Tomorrow we're gonna make lemon madeleines with our friend Shanna. :)

Helen Bells Multiplication Table

And I managed to get a little further on Helen Bells Multiplication Table. I've been working on it a little by little every night.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh Happy Day~

Remember how I was working on portfolio to get accepted into a class? Well, I got accepted into the class! Please be happy for me. I had extra bags under my eyes working on this. Of course, that comes from procrastination and neglecting my drawing.. but that is another story.

So today I drove to school for the third time this week! That's a lot considering I'm not even in term! I asked my mom to tag along and we had a late lunch/dinner in Old Pasadena. I love spending time with my mom. In fact, I will actually throw a tantrum if I don't get my share of mom time. I can be a baby at times. x) She's most definitely my best friend and a wonderful mother. I was having a really heartfelt talk about my future and really what else can I say... the pefect dose of support, love, faith and discipline! My mom is the best! I love you umma!

I also got a new pair of shorts at H&M, my most favorite shorts in the world! It's like the only thing I wear during summer and its so, so comfortable, also the perfect length! It's the eighth one to join my family, though four of them have had their time and I must say goodbye. (I'm the kind of person that buys three of the same pants in different colors if the design looks good on me. It saves me a lot of time and trouble when shopping.)

Oh and the most thrilling part of the day was taking my brother out for his first driving lesson. I was dreading this moment cause I heard many horrible stories! But it wasn't bad at all, no one was hurt and there were no harsh words exchanged! Sure my head was jerking back and forth for the first 20 minutes, but once he got the hang of it, it wasn't bad at all. I just remember repeating "smoothly" and "brake" ^_^ Once he got home, he was like "nuna, umma, I did good huh?" times like 10! -.-; Hah, my cutie baby bro!

Oh happy day!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh~ Sweet Memories!

Anyways, a couple nights ago I suddenly had a 젝스키스 binge. Oh~ I remember the times when I was a crazy fan and stayed glued in front of the TV laying kisses on my dear hoony while rewinding and watching the same song over and over again! Not to mention my room was wall-papered with their posters. Oh yes, my love for sechskies was big and strong. I remember the day when I heard that they disbanded, I spent the day with tears streaming down my face. The good ol' middle school days!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Aug 10

A beautiful mess

After returning home from school, I took one of those useless kind of naps for a couple hours. I couldn't really sleep, and yet I wasn't able to function, so I was sprawled out on the sofa zoning in and out. I think my body just decided to let out because I had been so tense the past couple of days.

Anyways, its been so long since my last cross-stitching update. When September comes, I'm gonna stop cross-stitching cold-turkey style. Reason being I'm going back to school. Fortunately, I draw with a lot of embroidery, so I won't be totally deprived.
This is the lastest of the projects:

Multiplication table

Helen Bell's Multiplication Table

The instant I saw this, I just knew I had to get it. So I got it and I started! I made some adjustments to the placement of the numbers and I also made a couple mistakes on the grid so I need to rip that out.

I'm feeling 홍경민 (Hong Kyung Min) Tonight. hahahahahahha! Everyone starts cracking up when I rock out with this song. I wonder why :P

"아름다운 그녀가 어어어 어어어~
나에게로 다가와
흔들리는 머릿결 어어어 어어어
나의 숨이 멋는다"
(from 홍경민의 Tonight)


Watercolor paints

So I'm sitting in front of the computer still in my pj's with bed hair. It feels quite gross but I just slipped in the last pages of my drawings into the itoya folder and I'm done! Now I just need to drive to school in the morning to turn it in.

My brother is back from his retreat and he seems to have been deprived of sleep, he totally conked out after he came home. Anyways, it good to see him back safe and sound! Whenever he's gone, I usually get bored and lonely, but this time around I didn't feel his emptiness because I was totally focused on finishing the class portfolio. Actually, I kind of enjoyed it cause I got to hog two computers and sit on the comfy chair while dominating the living room and the study. hahaha

Now I'm planning to unwind with a cup of hot tea listening to music, but first I must take a shower! Oh how I would love for some hot apple cider right now. It was so, so good, especially with the beautiful view. I usually don't like whipped cream but this one was so light and fluffy, I was licking it off the stir stick. Yum!

Hot apple cider

Hot apple cider

Rocky Point Restaurant


"흘러가는 구름따라 어디론가 떠날볼까
시원한 바람따라 두팔벌려 달려볼까
화창한 햇살보며 파도소리 귀기울여
그대의 미소와 함께 꿈을 싣고 여행을가"
{from 이승기의 Paradise}

Saturday, August 8, 2009

So sweet.

Grace표 케잌

"Oh~ You and I, oh you and I
왜 이렇게, 왜 이렇게 좋아요
I can see the sunlight through your eyes
Everyday, oh everyday
웃게 해줄게
서툴겠지만 그대위해서만"
{from 박정현의 달아요}
Listening to sweet love songs feels so nice!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I can't seem to fall asleep. Maybe it's the pressure of putting together my portfolio or maybe it's because I'm alone in the darkness. It's just one of those nights when I'm so immersed in my thoughts and emotional. I will eventually drift off to sleep and I will wake up and tell myself I was being silly. But tonight I'm feeling rather down.

이럴때면 가끔 한번씩 생각난다.