Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh, the Colorful Life is a Tasty Life

I love colors! They make me feel so happy. Ironically, most of my wardrobe has been black over the last year, but nowadays the colors are slowly being added back in. {Who doesn't love black, it's just so classy, plus it has slimming effects!} Anyways, that's what my life feels like at the moment. I feel excited, 20% hesitant, happy, and ready to embrace what comes my way~
It's just a thought that popped into my head as I start off my morning blasting the music.

I've been packaging some kits and seeing these strands of colorful threads is just putting me into a good mood! Silly, is it?

Ah~ getting back into cooking these days! This is a cheesecake topped with fresh raspberries and blueberries, and raspberry sauce. I'm planning on testing some cake recipes over the weekend. My co-workers are encouraging me to bake one a day, and most importantly, bring them into work so they can taste test. >_< So much for a diet!

Cheesecake by applepieorder

This book just arrived in the mail~ So bright and red! I'll be reading it before I go to sleep. Gotta love cookbooks! ^_^

Julia's Kitchen Wisdom by applepieorder

And isn't this freakin' A W E S O M E ?!?!~~ Wacom, you guys are just genius!

"happy! in your smile!
더 크게 웃어봐

나는 법을 잊은 것뿐야
날개를 펴고 가슴을 펴고 힘껏 날아올라봐

내가 있잖아
영원히 함께할
내게 꿈이 있잖아"

from 이승기's Smile Boy

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Melting. Yes, I'm melting in this heat! haha! I hope everyone had a great start to their Labor Day weekend! :) Enjoy it~ with good company!
I had quite an eventful Saturday, so today I will wind down to some much delayed stitching, gracemade goodies, writing in the diary... and getting my share of sunlight!

I am off to make some creamy pasta with lemon zest and basil. yum~!