Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pika Pika

:) Hello Blog. I'm sorry for neglecting you. It seems like the more time I have on my hands, the less I'm able to do. This is why a person needs to stay busy! haha

Well let's see! I am re-learning how to knit. I totally suck at it and I've accepted the fact that the only thing I'll be able to knit is a scarf! My goal is to complete one scarf by the end of this year, instead of starting on 8 different ones. That in itself is a big task for me, haha

The weather today is not particularly gloomy nor sunny. Maybe it's just cloudy.

Guess what I've been doing these days. I've been trying to make Rainbow Rice Cake. Though I had to ditch the rainbow part because the steamer was too shallow. They say rice cake is easier to make than regular cake. Yeah right, that is a bunch of bogus. I tried making it with my friend 3 times and we failed miserably. I tried making it again alone, I got rice cake, but I wasn't particularly happy with the consistency. Maybe it's cause I used the packaged rice flour, instead of soaking rice and grinding the rice down to rice flour. ~__~
I'm so determined to do it until it's right. Right now I'm at attempt #6.

rice cake

It looks alright, doesn't it? Looks are deceiving. Well it's ricecake, but it's not at the level of consistency I'd like it to be.