Friday, August 29, 2008

Missing you.

My teddy bear hammy Corner, who passed last november. I miss my little hammy. Corner was so sweet and calm, and unless he's digging in his food bowl or playing on the wheel, you can always find him in the corner. :) He was also the biggest scaredy cat, I think he was traumatized by the caretakers when he was at the pet store. It took him long to trust us, even the slightest movement would set off his fright and he would make five spins around his house.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ <3>

My first hammy, the wise Blobbi. He was just a little blob when I got him for my brother's birthday present. He passed in July 2006, and being so devastated with his loss, I brought Corner home a couple months later. Blobbi was a wildchild, a great escape artist. I had to pile five thick hardcover textbooks on top of his house so he couldn't get out. I had to learn the hard way that one, two, three, or four wasn't enough. Sometimes we don't even realize he's gone, til he's suddenly next to us. One night he escaped and ran upstairs to my brother and sat on top his head. My brother got so alarmed and immediately turned on the lights to find Blobbi's round black eyes staring at him with his two arms in the air. :D

Thursday, August 28, 2008

One stitch at a time

Cross-stitching has been one of the loves of my life. I cannot describe the waves of happiness that flow through me when I complete a project. Thus, I have been making some cross-stitch patterns, so I can stitch my own :) There are many more charts coming soon~

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Two less!

I'm getting my lower wisdom teeth pulled out this afternoon, and can I tell you that I'm scared. I know that I'll be under novacaine, but still I'm not looking forward to it. My mom is making me porridge, while my family will be feasting on barbeque. :(

In the meanwhile I've been taking some time to update some of my old pictures. Hopefully they'll all be updated soon before school takes over me.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A New Start

I've decided to create a entirely new blog that actually pertains to my store name, somewhat. Since hooniesarang was such a far cry from apple-pie-order. I had to make use of the dashes, because 'applepieorder' was taken, but I presume it's better for recognizability.
I've been working on promos lately. I've decided to make one of those stamp deals, where you get 10 stamps and receive a free gift. I'm planning to keep a copy of all the records myself, so it shouldn't be a problem, there's no need to send me the stamp card or anything. I figure it'll be fun for the customer as well.

New pieces added to my etsy shop,